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438 S. Emerson Ave
Greenwood, IN 46143 USA

MedFab3D Covid-19 Response

MedFab3D COVID-19 Respirator Face Mask

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MedFab3D Designed an Emergency Respirator Face Mask in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We have set up a small assembly line to produce this design on a limited basis. We are donating these masks directly to Healthcare providers and first responders to use when no approved personal protective equipment is available. We are also donating protective face shields to local medical providers and working with the medical community to make our labs available for flexible manufacturing medical devices and parts on an emergency basis. Email to inquire about receiving an emergency respirator, receiving emergency medical device parts or to find out how you can help.

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About MedFab3D

MedFab3D is a startup medical technology company that specializes in digital fabrication (3D Printing) and design technologies. We design and manufacture casts, braces, splints and prosthetic components that are customized to patient needs and manufactured on demand using 3D printing technologies. Our delivery system takes a clinical approach to this method by including the medical providers in our process to provide the inputs that are required to customize products for their patients.

EXO3D Casts and Braces

The first digitally fabricated orthopedic cast in the US available on a commercial basis.

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